It contains cell mass of potent phosphate solubilizing bacteria. It secrets organic acids like lactic, gluconic, fumaric, succinicand malloic acids which converts tricalcium phosphate and rock phosphate into simple and soluble form. It will increases the crop yield upto25%. Farmers could save 10-20% of chemical fertilizers cost.

Common Name: Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria

Appearance: Black powder and Liquid

Smell: Earthy


CFU     - 1x107/gm in Powder formulations.

- 1x109/ml in water soluble medium.


Salmonella- Nil

Shigella     - Nil

E.coli         - Nil

Stability- P-sol is stable for 6 months in powder formulations and 2 years in water soluble medium.

Packing- It is available in LDPE covers.

Dosage- 4kgs/acre in field application

50-60gms/ plant wise application.

Target crops:

Chilli, Paddy, Maize, Ground nut, Oilpalm, Coconut and all types of Garden, Aromatic, Medicinal and etc.. crops.