It is also a nitrogen fixing Biofertilizer. It contains nitrogen fixing bacteria. That could lives in the roots and it shows symbiotic association with the plants. It gives the nitrogen to the plant. It can also secrets growth promoting Hormones and significantly increases the plant yield. Rhizobium broadly uses in Groundnut, Black gram, Red gram, and etc….

Common Name: Nitrogen fixing Bacteria. Rhizobium

Appearance: Black powder and Liquid

Smell: Earthy


CFU     - 1x107/gm in Powder formulations.

- 1x109/ml in water soluble medium.


Salmonella- Nil

Shigella     - Nil

E.coli         - Nil

Stability- N-fix is stable for 6 months in powder formulations and 2 years in water soluble medium.

Packing- It is available in LDPE covers, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml HDPE bottles

Dosage- 4kgs/acre in field application

250ml/acre in field application.

50-60gms/ plant wise application.

Target crops:

Azotobacter- Oilpalm, Coconut, Mango, Cashew and etc...

Azospirillum- Paddy, Maize, Vegetables and Aromatic Plants

Rhizobium- Blackgram, Redgram, Yellowgram, Ground nut, and all Pulses.